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MY2ND78 08-19-2002 08:32 AM

Paging Mr. Bronco.....paging Mr. BurnedBronco.....
Hey Burned.....since a used Detroit for the 10.25 is as elusive as the holy grail, what's your take on the durabilty of a Lock Right. I just picked up a used one on EBay, so I guess it's a little late if it's crap, but I wanted a second opinion.

BurnedBronco 08-19-2002 08:42 AM

Re: Paging Mr. Bronco.....paging Mr. BurnedBronco.....
ive had a lockright in a 8.8 with 33's and it didnt last a month. gernanded in michigan silver lake sand dunes taking thr R&P with. never again will i go lockright.

dustin seilbreit(SP) has(had) one in his 10.25 FF, he liked it for about a year, then he gernaded it. i dont know if he fixed it or is running something else.

hitechredneck 08-19-2002 10:00 AM

Mind If I Butt In . . .
'Scuse me but since you brought it up . . .

I've been looking hard at those Detroit Lockers on Ebay . . . but . . . When I was checking out Detroit's website, I saw several differnet part numbers for different 9" rears . . .

Now I figure this is probably a marketing ploy to get me to buy a shiny new locker that I KNOW will be right - I mean, if it's a locker for a 9" its for a 9", right? Would there really be any difference?

- confused, as usual

MY2ND78 08-19-2002 10:16 AM

Re: Mind If I Butt In . . .
A detroit locker IS the carrier. There are different carrier sizes for different R&P ratios. That's prolly why they list so many different #'s for the 9"

BurnedBronco 08-19-2002 12:38 PM

Re: Mind If I Butt In . . .
you also have to make shure you get the carrier for the right amount of axle splines.

TheJuice 08-19-2002 01:22 PM

Re: Mind If I Butt In . . .
Actually BurnedBronco is right, the part numbers are for the 4 different detroit lockers that I know of for the 9", depending on the spline count, gear ratio does not matter. 2 for the 28 spline I think, 1 part # for the 31 and one for a 35 spline.

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