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**DONOTDELETE** 04-20-2000 01:49 PM

underwater air intake
does any one know where i can get an intake system for a bronco that exits
through the fender and goes up along the passenger side of the windshield frame
to allow use of the vehicle underwater? i have seen these on jeeps and hummers
as well as range rovers, but never broncos.

**DONOTDELETE** 04-20-2000 03:09 PM

Re: underwater air intake
There is no off the shelf bolt on kit for our rigs. People have home engineered any that are out there now. The people that built the ones I've seen used mainly ABS or PVC pipe. Sorry, but if you get bored, I'm sure you could whip one together.

If it ain't broke, I can probably still fix it.

dawgghanson 04-21-2000 11:52 AM

Re: underwater air intake
This was discussed earlier here in the Late Model Bronco group; here is some info from the discussions.
Subject Re: Bronco SNORKEL?
Posted by broncoloco
Posted on Mon Mar 6 12:25:59 2000
From IP

Thanks for your input, guys. I "customized" my Bronco by adding a nice-sized snorkel (it's about 6' 6" High). I also removed my computer and sealed it completely with Silicone. I have a vent system that goes to the top of the hood's level. Anyways, the snorkel worked great: I went through lots of deep water last weekend with no problems. An electric fan would be a good idea for deep water. I'm thinking about getting one those. If anyone wants the dirty details on my snorkel: let me know. Later.

if you have any other questions about anything, just use the SEARCH option located here...good luck, Al M

dawgghanson Posted on Fri Mar 3 10:48:49 2000 From IP Attachment 14-1367-broncoside-Rust2.jpg


Also, has anyone adapted a M 37 set-up to a Bronco yet?
Some racers route the tubing inside the cab and mount the air filter there.
Good luck,
78 Bronc Ranger..351M, 4 speed..rusted rear panels/gate..for sale again @ $1200.00..Southern New Jersey....runs great! 4" Superlift..custom rear driveshaft by Dick's...cracked windshield, pass side...many new/rebuilt parts
96 Bronc..daily driver....
adios amigoes!



broncoloco 04-27-2000 12:11 PM

Re: underwater air intake
Hey: I never thought that my note would become reference material! I, too, looked for some type of off-the-shelf-snorkel kit: to no avail. I like driving through deep water, and nothing I did would stop my air intake from getting watered. I finally decided to make my own snorkel kit. I rigged one up, but it wasn't real easy, or pretty. I thought about running it through the fender, but with the 4" PVC that I wanted to use, I thought that it would just protrude too far from the side of the truck (I take my Bronco down some tight trails). I decided that I would not run it through the fender, but through the cowl instead. My truck is no show-winner, so I wasn't afraid to break-out my Sawzall. The first thing I did was make a 2.5"high by 4"wide rectangular hole in the cowl (right below the driver's side hood hinge. Then I cut a 4.5" Diameter hole in the sheet metal that covers the top of the Cowl (It hides the windshield wipers). I got a hold of some 4" O.D. Flexible tubing and shaped it to fit through the rectangular hole in the cowl. Then, I pulled the slack tubing through the top hole in the Cowl Cover and used Duct tape to attach the flexible tubing to some 4" PVC (with a Female Thread). The other end of the tubing was attached to my airbox. What I ended up with was a female PVC connection protruding from the Cowl Cover by about an inch (not real noticable). When I go for mud-run, I take a 3-foot section of PVC (with a male connector attached at the bottom) and I thread it into the female PVC joint. That way, I have a removable snorkel that can be changed quickly and isn't a visual obstruction when I'm 2-wheellin' it. If anybody is seriously interested, I could take some digital pictures and post them. Just keep in mind that you can't be afraid of puttin' a Sawzall to work on your truck.

**DONOTDELETE** 04-28-2000 09:37 AM

Re: underwater air intake
Yes, please post some pictures!

**DONOTDELETE** 05-02-2000 12:06 AM

Re: underwater air intake
i would definitely like to see some pics of that!

broncoloco 05-04-2000 01:29 PM

Re: underwater air intake
I'll see what I can do, guys. I just need to get off my lazy ass and break out with the digital camera.

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