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April 7,8,9 2000

To help bring GAS PRICES DOWN where they should be all you have to do is fill up before these dates. Don't buy gas on these dates AND don't make any purchases at gas stations with mini markets. OPEC is aware of the National gas Out and is lowering prices to appease us, but they will go right back up! JOIN IN! The gas out will back up all the way to the refineries!!


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Kaboz18, I posted a note on March 7th that responded to the National Gas-Out.
Here it is: "Hi everyone, this may not be the forum, but I have to vent. I read in several posting about a gas boycott scheduled for April 7th through the 9th. In my opinion, that's not going to work too well. Instead we should boycott one company (say Chevron) indefinitely, then that may shift competition. Hopefully the price may drop. The boycott could last months and we could fill up our vehicles at another station. If this seems like a worthwhile idea, spread the word and begin immediately. It would be interesting to see how the giant oil mongrel would react.
I hate to sound like a broken record and everyone on the forum has my apology for that, but this is too close to home. There's not much we can do except to make it clear that we're fed up. It would be interesting to read the oil companies financial statements at the end of year (profits & revenues). The automotive industry did it to us back in 1993-1994 (prices never stop rising, 40% - 60% increase in a couple of years) and look at what we're paying for our vehicles, today. Everyone forgot about that spike. The industry just slid-it-in and we took it right in the rear.... Man I'm beginning to feel like a person from the house of ill-repute.
By the way, I will participate. And folks, sorry for sounding upset

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Supply and and's the law. The gas out is a noble gesture, but three days will not affect anything. There is still going to be a demand before and after. It will be an increased demand before and after as well. So...using this gas out logic, prices will increase when demand surges before, prices will drop for three days, then prices will surge when demand increases after the three days. If you really want to get prices to drop, one of two things needs to happen on an prolonged basis, decrease demand, or increase supply. It is expected that the OPEC nations will increase supply this summer. All they are doing right now is recovering lost revenue from depressed crude prices during the 90's. It sucks for us, but they have what we need.

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Ron-Bo ....true it is unlikely that a three day gas out will be anything more than a temporary inconvenience to local suppliers. Keep in mind that gas is a J.I.T. comodity (just in time) and a station that normally gets a delivery every 3 days, and the distributor that supplies them, will feel the lag. IF everyone really did participate what would happen is that some gas station would run out before the three day boycott and some would run out after the three day boycott .......and some people would not be able to buy gas at just any station. All of a sudden stations that see only a fair volume of customers would see a few more.
Boycotting one supplier would be an alternative.....but when do you stop? Unless you could get a majority of the public to boycott that one supplier it's hopeless. The American public is like a flock of sheep (and, yes, I'm admittedly one of the flock) as soon as the one boycotted oil company lowered the price a few pennies .......there would be droves of new customers.......just as there is now. We currently have a mini gas war in my area (a gas statation a three high volume gas/convenience stores) ......and the volume goes to the lowest bidder. At first it was a war of who could go the lowest.....then a war of who could stay the lowest or raise the it's a mixed bag......reg for 0.02 higher but plus for only 0.02 more and prem. for 0.02 more than that ......while the other has the low ball on reg yet higher plus and prem. prices.
Yes, the law of supply and demand is at work here. If we demand so much oil.....and they don't produce more of it......the price is going to stay high. Only two things can change it.......if the oil cartel can't keep their solidarity on the matter and begin to cut each others throats by producing more than they are supposed to ...........or we decrease our demand.
You have to keep this in perspective. No one likes paying more than they have to for anything but if you really look at how much more this really costs you probably isn't that much. So you wait 3 months more to buy your on board air and ARB locker ........or your custom Dana 60 .....or your $700 lift kit. When the last gas crunch came .......people threw away perfectly good Buicks and Caddilacs (loosing thousands of dollars) and bought Toys when the increase in the cost of gas added up to around what they spent on a pizza and a beer in a weeks time. Gas costs are less of my hourly wage then they ever were for my parents. In the mid 70s a decent hourly wage was somewhere around $5-6/hr. (min was at $1.80).......gas was 0.65+/- a gallon ...........even at todays jacked up prices I'm still in better shape than I was then in regard to vehicle operating costs. Doesn't it seem odd to complain about spending $20 more to drive your car to DisneyWorld so you can spend around $300-500 a day?

Just my 0.02........err make that a quarter's worth.


Figures don't lie ....... but liars sure do figure.
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