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Advice on a new Dodge?

Hi all - I'm usually over on the Jeepster page, but I'm thinking of replacing my 98 Ram 1500 with a newer 2500 with the Cummins. I can't afford new, so I'm thinking probably a 99 or 2000. Are there any particular models or options that I should look for, either to get or to avoid? I will be using it to tow my Jeepster on a trailer, as well as for my daily driver. I've always driven manual transmissions, but one of the dealers told me that I should avoid used diesels with manuals, because it would have been pretty easy for the previous owner to lug the engine and overheat it. Is this true? There are definitely more automatics available.

Any input or suggestions would be great. Thanks.
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Re: Advice on a new Dodge?

no, i would say they more likely burned up an automatic, not a manual. most manual folks know what they're doing, and dodge's autos dont have a good track record, so I'd definitely go for the stick. the 5spd is the nv4500, at least in the 4x4's, but there's also a 6spd that you might see, but i've never heard anything about it
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Re: Advice on a new Dodge?

I would definitely recommend a 2500, instead of a 1500, just because if you ever decide to take that offroading as well, you have great axles on it. It also can handle a slightly heavier load as well. I have a '95 1500 which I am very happy with, that has the 5.9L 360 Automatic Engine in it. I have towed things before, but only small campers, nothing too huge, so I can't tell you to much on that. I can tell you though, with a small camper attached, I couldn't even tell it was there [img]images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] I have also loaded the bed with about a ton or so of sod before and it handled it well.

However I think a 2500 with a V10 in it, would provide more than enough torque for you. Probably even the 5.9L 360 would have enough as well. However you may want to find one with a little better gearing in it, maybe one with 3.92 or 4.10 gearing in it.

As far as diesels go, I have never owned one, so can't comment on that. But other than that, I LOVE DODGE RAMS!!! [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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Re: Advice on a new Dodge?

Find yourself another dealer. Cause this one either knows nothing at all or knows something and is feeding you a line of BS that is real deep. Lugging a diesel and over heating it, their is something I would like to see, that is what a diesel motor is, it is made for real low end power, their is a reason they red line at 3100 rpms. Sorry, dealers that try and talk like they know something really piss me off.

Not that that is out of the way. I would no be at all scared to have an auto for what you want to tow, what I would be scared of it that you don't know how the last person treated it. I have two (2000 & 2001) diesels with autos in them and pull my truck around all the time with no problems, just have to use common sense. In the long run the manual will last longer, and we are talking about a 350,000+ mile motor here. Now I have a 2003 with a 6 speed cause I am going to move up to pulling 2 trucks.

Also the auto and 5 speeds are what is called the standard out put Cummins, if you find a 6 speed they have the high out put Cummins in them. If you want to do any performance mods to the the Cummins, which their are many, it will cost you $3000 or so to get the auto to take the extra power. With the manual a new clutch will do the trick.

On a side note, starting in December the 47RE tranny is gone and the 48RE is out. You can now order the H.O. Cummins with an auto for the first time.
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Re: Advice on a new Dodge?

My 03 2500 v-10 quad cab has the 47re, I picked it up mid-late december, the 48re would have been cool, one more clutch do-hicky instead of the 7... My 95's tranny is the 46rh but when it was rebuilt they added the extra clutch disc so I would guess its like having the 47rh now... It only has the 360 with 114,000 hard 4-wheeling miles showing. [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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Re: Advice on a new Dodge?

They did alot more then add an extra clutch too, here is some more info:

Part of the design was to increase the durability to 150,000 miles. Major changes were made to the pump, valve body, friction material, gear train, and park system. The pump has 20% higher capacity for adequete cooler flow. The addition of a seal ring to the reaction shaft allows the TC increased capacity for clutch engagement. The impeller hub on the TC is machined to accomadate the seal ring. The valve body provides increased line preassure in 3rd and 4th and during TCC operation, and allows the ability to engage the converter clutch in manual second gear for greater towing performance. The valve body also permits Tcc engagement in drive-second gear for cooling protection, if sump temp goes over 220 degrees. This may result in change in shift quality however. The direct clutch in the 48re's overdrive unit has 23 all new discs with friction material on one side only. The four disc rear-clutch pack has been improved for greater durability. One disc was added to the front clutch for increased reverse torque capacity, annd the overdrive has 5 discs for non-HO and six for HO. The kickdown band lever has also been increased. The entire gear train assembely is new, and all planetary gear sets and the overdrive carrier have a six pinion design. The front and rear carriers are made out of cast iron, while the overdrive carrier is made of powdered metal. The 48re's drive shell is thicker for heavy duty reverse operation, and greater durability, and includes new thrust washers. To deal with higher vehicle weights the park system has been enhanced with a new rod and wider park pawl. 2wd extension housing is designed to work with larger slip yoke. Unlike previous auto tranny's the 48re is designed to work with an exhaust brake as well.
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