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**DONOTDELETE** 10-13-1999 08:52 PM

Will It Work Or Not Work
Just bought a 99 4wd 1/2 ton and want to put a lift on it, can i get of cheaper by putting 3/4 ton coil springs on the front to level it out, but i dont know if they will fit or not, and will it void my waranty if I do it. If it does work will a stiffer front end cause my tires to wear more quickly or will it not affect anything.

**DONOTDELETE** 10-15-1999 09:29 PM

Re: Will It Work Or Not Work
Well, I considered the same approach for my '96. The dealer said there are about 6 different rates of springs that will fit. The 3/4 ton and 1/2 ton springs are the same size as far as fitment goes... the only variable is diameter of material and load rating. Never the less, the cost for the pair, if I could decide on which one to use, was about $85.00 each. Well, for that price I could call the fantastic people at Superlift and order a pair of coil springs that I knew would fit and achieve my objective. Don sold me a pair of springs and rear add a leaves to my door for a bargain price of about $275.00. I installed the lift myself in an afternoon and I'll be happy to elaborate on installation if you wish. Just post a reply!

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Smokngun 10-18-1999 01:14 AM

Re: Will It Work Or Not Work
If you go the factory 3/4 ton spring route, get the springs for a HD 3/4 ton. My 3/4 (7500# GVW) front end sits the same height TO THE INCH as my moms 1/2 ton. My back end sits about 3 1/2" higher though.
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