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**DONOTDELETE** 10-03-1999 03:02 AM

efi on a \'73 W100
I was just curious if anyone has tried to seap an EFI system into a '70s truck. Is it possible to pull the computer,sensors and wiring harness off a mid 90's 5.2L and swap it all on to a '70s era motor or would you have to swap the motor as well? Or is it even possible at all? Thanx for your iondulgence.



**DONOTDELETE** 10-03-1999 11:54 AM

Re: efi on a \'73 W100
Clay, I know a guy who put a 360 Dodge with Howell fuel injection into a Jeep. The Howell was about $1200. I also know a guy who put a 360 Magnum into an old Jeep Cherokee, there by getting efi and all into one package. They both passed Kalifornia smog nazis.... I can send you the email sent to my by the guy who did the Howell on an older engine. He says his own 304 Jeep can't keep up with the 360, even when the 360 is just playing around. Ross [email protected]

**DONOTDELETE** 10-03-1999 12:15 PM

Re: efi on a \'73 W100
Hey buddy how's it going? You could bolt all the TBI stuff onto your '73 but I don't think you'd notice any power difference-driveability would improve though. You would have a lot of wiring to do as well as swap the fuel tank and lines etc. A Magnum would be a sweet swap but then you would have to swap the entire motor. I'd consider something like a Holley TBI setup for your rig-less hassle to install and probably less money when you're all done.


Jason Hansen
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