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superswamper 02-25-2002 08:45 AM

oh what a day! :-) & :-(
It all started out awesome doing some great rock crawling in milford,Ma and left there to do some mudding locally next to a friends house. It was nothing really challenging but lots of fun anyway. We both had rams with swampers, mine with 38's and his with 33's. I was tearing it up good going sideways into a burm of wet loam and on the 3rd time accidently hitting it with the front tire caused it to blow off the rim (16.5, no bead locks :-O) in which stopped me dead. My friend tried to pull me out but couldn't since it was in the deepest section and of course my winch woundn't work right, broken freespooling knob and no power reverse. My buddy came down and after he got stuck in the hole where my friend was in then also he got pulled out which still left me. There was a dakota, 2 rams, f250, olds bravada and a chevy tahoe. I finally got out from my friends f250 w/38's.
The relitively easy part was done believe it or not, there was taking off the tire next... My small floor jack woundn't fit under my axle, so I jacked up on my plow frame and block it up. Then lift it some more and block it higher and with a friends exact jack I jacked under my rim since the tire came off the rim and fell inside the wheel well, it lifted it up only because I shoveled under it. The other jack was now able to fit and the job was done right......No! We all left and I was about 3 miles from home when the spare tire I just put on went flat :-(... no spare for the spare! I called my buddy on the cell phone and had him grab my big floor jack and 2-35" tires to protect my gearing from uneven tires even though theres a limited slip and at 9:00 pm I finially got home, we were at the mud pit around 3:00... I will clean up the mud filled tire and hope its not shredded up from the rim and some pics will come soon...

superswamper 02-26-2002 09:29 PM

Re: oh what a day! :-) & :-(
Here is the barely stuck truck of mine and the other stuck ram... More pics on the test board of the better part of the day, wheeling on rocks...

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