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soggysod 12-16-2001 07:45 PM

klx 250
I finally got a bike! I got a 95 klx 250 and i am surprised with the power i was expecting it to be about like an xr 250 gees it would kill one stock, but anyway now i want to know about hop ups it has the stock pipe and carb that cv crap sucks can anyone tell me about swappin that also it has just been rebuilt, the bike and the carb but it is a monster to start can anyone tell me some tips to get it going actually any tips on this bike or links to websites would be greatly appreciated, I origionally had no intention of getting one I just got a good deal/.

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The_Kid 12-18-2001 12:23 AM

Re: klx 250
the starteing is someting your gona have to live with and ounce you get if flooded 7you mise well shut the gas off and walk away for awhile

pull the baffle out of the tail pipe, itl sound bad with it out and my gain you some power but earther way youll think youve got more cause of the noise.

an accelarator pump carb, there only like 500 bucks

white bros header pipe, fmf, procircuit,

drill some holes in the airbox lid so you can get more air to it.

hmmm cant think of anything else off hand


Brianklx300 12-18-2001 10:39 AM

Re: klx 250
Check out additionally, has a thumper forum that addresses the klx. Good luck with it.

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