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**DONOTDELETE** 01-01-2002 10:53 PM

What bike to get?
I need some advice....

I'm a 36 year old somewhat out of shape guy who is about 6'4", and 240 lbs... I am not super skilled on a bike, but can remember riding trail 70s back when I was a kid. I recently got on some sort of Honda 90 or soemthing like that, that my brother got for one of his kids for Christmas. He had some trails by his house, and I had a complete blast on that bike... I did notice the lack of power and size were a little out of wack for me, especially on some of the more intense stuff... This was an actuial Motorcycle park I was riding in, so they had some serious trails, and I don't need to tell you that I was in some quite dangerous situations at some times... Lack of skill, out of shape, too small a bike... I thought I might even break the bike on some sections... I did have fun though, and am thinking about investing in a bike of my own... I don't want too much power, or anything that's too heavy, hard to start, etc... Here is where you come in... that is if you know your stuff, as I don't really have a clue... I would really appreciate some advice on what kind of bike I should consider getting... It will have to be used, powerful enough, but still light, etc... also.. Should I look into some of that body armor stuff so I don't kill myself? Besides a helmet and gloves, what should I buy? I appriciate yalls advice...

**DONOTDELETE** 01-01-2002 10:59 PM

Re: What bike to get?
sooo you want to ride trails. you want a 2 or 4 stroke? if a four stroke one that is easy to start would be an xr but they are heavy. a wr would probly be good but they r some times hard to start but light. all bikes will have some pros and cons.



Kyron 01-02-2002 12:34 AM

Re: What bike to get?
I work with a few guys who are/were in the same boat as you and here's what they've done.....

If you can afford it get either a brand new or the newest Honda XR250 you can find and get a chest protector (a real one, NOT a roost gaurd), some good elbow gaurds and motocross pants with knee gaurd and of course all the other gear you already said.

Here's why a XR250... They have enough power to get you anywhere your going to want to go and through any trail your going to do. They can be modifyed enough to "grow" with you. They are very relibale bikes as there is no radiator to break or anything else AND the resale value is very good on those bikes.

I've seen friends buy cheaper bikes to learn on and not have any fun because the bike is always BROKE or breaking, and thats why I'd recomend getting a XR250.

Even at your size and weight a XR250 will still be the "funnest" bike you can get. You could even make it street legal real easy. All's I'm sayin is "YEA"

cleartoy 01-02-2002 12:51 AM

Re: What bike to get?
Trail riding dictates 4 stroke.

Easy starting dictates 2 stroke, or an electric start 4 stroke.

For woods riding, again 4 stroke. With youre heft, you should be able to start anything easily.

If i were you, id consider an XR 400-650, WR 400-426, or CR500. They will all have enough low end to get you where you want to go.

If light weight is your desire, then you need a 250 2 stroke.

They dont make the perfect bike for all situations.

Good luck.

85 xtracab 4x4
94 std cab 2wd
99 YZ250
Got sand?

**DONOTDELETE** 01-02-2002 01:20 AM

Re: What bike to get?
This is great... I really apriciate the advice on the three posts that I have seen... I have some questions about the thigns that I have seen written... First off is the XR 250 a 2 or 4 stroke?.. And I really don't understand why one would be better than the other for trails. I realise that a 4 stroke would be heavier and all that, and that I don't like... and it makes sense that a 2 stroke would be harder to get started.. only 2 cylinders to get going... That I think I get, and I think I have heard the louder 2 stroke bikes... I don't really think I like that part about them... To tell you the truth, I have done a little mountian biking, and as I was cutting through the trails on that Honda 90, it even seemed bulky and sluggish to throw around comparied to a mountian bike that is... Anyway, as I think of bigger bikes than that little thing I was on, the first thought that comes to my head is that if that thing seemed awkward, sluggish, and heavy to work with, then I sure would want to go lighter for the bigger bikes.... Yet the advice so far seems to be 4 cylinders (the heavyer bike)for trails... that, I'm not getting yet... I just need someone to kind of lay out the concepts, and stuff for me, and please don't worry about explaining things too simple for me, as there is nothing that would be too simple for me... ;)

Thanks again!

cleartoy 01-02-2002 02:07 AM

Re: What bike to get?
I think the first thing to be understood is the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke.

The majority of engines in this world(including automobiles) are 4 stokes. They use valves and cams to move air.

2 strokes have holes in the pistons and use galleries in the crank case to move oil and gas through and use ports for timing.

Most all dirt bikes that I can think of are single cylinder.
That means one piston, one cylinder, one connecting rod.

In the ATV world, there are 3 multi(twin cylinder) bikes i can think of: Yamaha Banshee 350cc , Kawasaki Prarie 650ccc, Polaris 700cc.

2 strokes are easier than the same size 4 stroke to start.

Do not compare a mountain bike to a dirt bike. They are not in the same class.

85 xtracab 4x4
94 std cab 2wd
99 YZ250
Got sand?

Kyron 01-02-2002 04:46 AM

Re: What bike to get?

I still say get the XR250, its a four stroke, light weight and about as flickable as full size dirt bikes will get.

To make it more complicated not ALL 4 stroke and two stroke motors "act" the same. Some 2 stroke dirt bikes make very smooth power while some 4 stroke bikes are hard to ride because the power is so aburpt. All's I'm sayin is "YEA"

**DONOTDELETE** 01-02-2002 08:35 AM

Re: What bike to get?
2 StROKE MOTOCROSS BIKEs have stiffer suspensions and a very racy feel to them, very powerful, you have to mix oil and gas together, and typically require alot of maintanence. 4 stokes are typically a little heavier and have softer suspension , a smoother powerspread. 4 stokes require gas in the gas tank, no mixing the fuel. in your case this is good. the honds xr 400 is a great bike for you it sounds. it has lights, a decent amount of power, plus it gets this power to the ground, you can ride through the woods and still go over rocks and stumps and you will still be able to sit when you get home without any preperation h. also you can look into a suzuki drz 400 or a yamaha wr 426f, or a wr 250f. these are new technology 4 stokes, liquid cooling, these bikes have come out in the last couple years to try to keep up with the 2 srokes since the greenies dont want 2 stokes cause they pollute. if you have a weedwacker this is most likely a 2 stroke. it puts out blue smoke when you use it. i dont know how much you know about motors thats why im explaing. go to a dealer and pick up brochures. i ride a yamaha 1999 yz 250. it is a 2 stoke. i have been riding for 12 years and i feel that honda and yamaha are your best bet, and the most reliable. honda favors the kind of riding i think you are interested in with the most reliability and the funnest as previously stated by kyron. when you tell this guy things tell brand names like honda etc... in case he doesnt know.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-02-2002 10:23 AM

Re: What bike to get?
Kyrons right, for the fun factor get the XR250R. It's dry weight is 240 lbs, MSRP on it is $4699. The XR400R is around $600 more and 20 lbs heavier.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-02-2002 08:38 PM

Re: What bike to get?
You guys have been a lot of help! I really appreciate that... I do wonder if this 400 you were talking about is perhaps too powerful, or much more heavy than the Honda XR250R that was recommended... I was thinking along the lines of a 250 before I even posted here... One thing I do wonder about is the exhortation to get as new a model as possible...
Is there that much difference in a 92’ model and an 02 model?... I was really hoping to get into something for $1500 to $2000... I suppose that might not even get a 92’, but I must think realistically on the financial end of this... What do you guys recommend based on those cash restrictions? I appreciate yall being so understanding with my lack of understanding... The 4 stroke 2 stroke lesson was very helpful...

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