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New limitations, may be driving people away???

Well, I am going to voice my opinion, I believe that all these new limitations that have been imposed on this board are acutally driving people away from this BBS entirely..

I find that I am not wanting to spend very much time at all conversing with people on this board any more..

and I am finding that there are Much fewer people on the board where there were a lot more before all these changes were made..

while I really like features that were added, but the HUGE limitations that have been imposed are makeing it much harder to work around here on this board....

expecially the limit on time you can edit your postings....

I understand to make this site faster, some things were needing to be limited... that is understandable
but I believe that the limitations have gone too far and need to be relaxed a bit.....

like why 100 characters in your signature...?? anyway, just expressing my opinions ....
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

what about the inactive users?
Won't that speed it up?
Theres about 50 or more pages with users without a single post!
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???


This board has more collective knowledge in 1/4 of it then you will find in every magazine article, manual, diagram, or tutorial.

If simple things like having only 100 characters in your signature caused a "HUGE" influence on your life and you coming here, then quite frankly sir, I belive you have your priorities mixed up.

Your not the kind of person who gets mad at McDonalds staff because they shifted their menu one slot down to fit in the new burger are you?

What limitations have been enacted?

Edit times?
Does it really matter, just reply to your post with the correct info.

100 Character Sig?
So make your sig smaller and not so <font color=red>R</font color=red><font color=green>A</font color=green><font color=blue>I</font color=blue><font color=orange>N</font color=orange><font color=black>B</font color=black><font color=yellow>O</font color=yellow><font color=purple>W</font color=purple> (If you catch my drift)

No sig pics?
Put it in your profile.

Small Avatars?
Put something funny in there, it doesn't have to be a 1024X1024 Pixel image thats so high res I can read the type of tire you have on your rig at the same time as seeing both the top and bottom of the Space Needle.
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I Do This For The Glory
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

I agree. It's the little things people like, it keeps them coming back.

Keep chipping away at the features of the board and people will walk, no doubt about it. They'll say it's a PITA and such-and-such a board is better.

And if editing the post will actually change that much, why are we running on the ragged edge of technology AGAIN. The new BBS SHOULD be able to handle the 200 character sigs, the avatars, the 100K attachments, and anything else. Otherwise in 6 months it'll be BOGGED down to slower than crawl speed (which it's at for me now) with all the new people coming online.

So, to ask the perverbial question AGAIN, why is this BBS SO SLOW!
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

I have been doing this BBS thing in one form or another since 1982. That's a long time in the on-line world.

Every single time, I made an upgrade or change in any way, I have been faced by a small percentage of detractors that were unhappy with the work we did. That's alright, folks certainly have right to voice their opinions as long as they do so in a positive manner.

In the case of the new limitations we have imposed. Folks, I gotta tell ya, the majority of these were well thought out and the moderators and I will probably not be swayed to revert back to where we were.

On the other hand, some of the changes were deault setting in the new software and can be changed. The amount of time allowed to edit a message is one point. I will look at this today.

On the slowdown of the BBS. I will be prepping a server today to offload the SQL task.

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Way Outta Control
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

Hey Joey, I've had my "issues" with PJC in the past and every time this board changes a few people do leave. People just plain don't like to change, it's natural, but change is going to happen. It's our reaction to the changes that often determine where we spend the rest of our lives.

For the ORC Forum we're not talkin' life and death matters, heaven or hell. In the little segemant I see (Jeeps) we're talking fun, and transportation wrapped up into a great, historic vehicle.

Me, I'm reserving judgment on the board. This is a very successful forum and PJC and his crew are doin' all they can to up the speed. I LIKE animated GIFS... that was kinda neat... and I'm sorry to see them go. But on the other hand I am willing to make changes that will help the over-all speed of the forum increase. I'll adapt to the changes, swallow hard when I need to and make a judgment in a few months.

There's a lot behind the sceens I'll never see, I've been in the IT and MIS industry longe enough to know I don't know it all... and there's always a new product coming out ever 30 to 60 days that'll slice, dice and cook your breakfast... I'm gonna give PJC and the crew a nice long chance to figure this one out.

Where else can I have so much fun for free (Besides in the seat of the Jeep... and we all know that ain't free!).
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Keyboard Implanted
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

Where do you think that collective knowledge came from? You think it magicaly just popped in there. No, it came from the people like myself who post and respond to each others questions. So if you drive people away, then you drive away that valuble source of info. It is the "simple things" that give the board a sense of comunity. I agree we do not need a big long 2000 character sig, but taking away the 15k sig pic (which had no effect on the search feature) in the name of increasing speed (which it hasn't, I'm on 56k dial up so I should know) has removed some of that community feel. As far as edit times go, I to have reviewed some of my posts sometimes a week or 2 later and realized I misspelled something or put the wrong number in or any of a number of mistakes and corrected them (I am only human and do occassionaly make mistakes)(obviously unlike you whom seems to think your perfect) which I can no longer do if there is a time limit on editing, I'm curious if we can still delete a post after their time limit is up (which you could do before) if not, then after careful consideration, I would say the only reason they've impossed time limits is their fear that someone who gets pissed at the board will go thru and delete all of his or her posts (with that colective knowledge you talked about), just my opinion.
Personaly, I would say do away with sig sentances (which do play havoc on searches) and give us back our small sig pics(which really didn't effect speed) and back up the restrictions on size. It was the sig pic that jumped out at me and said "Hey this is me", gave a greater sense of community, and let people know what you WHEELED, which is what this board is really all about, not little gay pics in the corner of cats or the Blues brothers or whatever. If I had come to this board for the first time in the last week and seen all these wimpy little "avatars" as they call them, I would have left because I would have said to myself " here is another bunch of cyber geeks wishing they were into off roading" unlike when I originally came and saw OFF-ROAD vehicles in sig pics that jumped out and said "hey, we don't just type about it, WE DO IT!"
Sorry this got long winded but I have felt an overwhelming urge to scream "WHAT THE HE11 ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE?"
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

well said, krabysniper..
I was going to mention about the gay kitty pic boy but you beat me to it....

anyway, I appreciate the moderators looking into fixing being able to edit posts...

if some of the other restrictions can be eased up a bit. like attachment size
I would appreciate it..

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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

Im here for the long haul [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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Re: New limitations, may be driving people away???

<font face="Comic Sans MS">[img]images/icons/cool.gif[/img] Me too Mr. Parker... [img]images/icons/crazy.gif[/img]</font>
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