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quadstar 07-19-2008 08:56 PM

$100,000 Quad-sa-tion
July 31st will be the last day to sign up for the 2008 $100,000 Quad-sa-tion, at $1,000. After August 1st sign up will be $1,500. This is being done to encourage riders to sign up early so that Route 66 knows there will be a show.

The staff has secured SPEED TV to televise the event and has corporate sponsors online to advertise. But they are not willing to get themselves into the same situation that WPSA did by promising numbers without riders committing to supporting the event.

The results are quiet simple, NOT ENOUGH RIDERS = NO RACE!!! Route 66 has informed me that if we don't have riders pre register then the event will be cancelled due to lack of interest. Presently we have had a few riders to pre-enter but we are in need of a lot more. I've had riders from all over the country email me and call me asking questions and say they were coming, but until you get the completed registration form it doesn't mean much.

Some have questioned if this was a scam, said they weren't going to sign up early for fear it would be cancelled and they wouldn't get there money back. Trust me guys, this facility is owned by International Speedway Corporation, the same family and company that owns NASCAR, the last thing they need is your $1,000. If the event were to be cancelled then your money would be sent back immediately, and if you put your credit card info on there they would simply not bother to charge it, if you card gets charged then the event will happen. What they do need however, is your commitment to being there. They are not wiling to risk the relationships with their closely guarded friendships with their sponsors and TV contacts for a very risky venture into ATV racing. They said they would help us if we would pre-register, they have done their part and they are asking for us to do ours.

Almost everything is lined up for the event to take place, Track design is completed and construction is scheduled, insurance forms are filled out and waiting to be mailed, trophies have been designed, staff has been lined up, race format is laided out, industry media coverage is lined up, amateur flyer's are designed and waiting to be mailed, etc. Everything except the riders for the main event. So it is up to you, as a rider and supporter of this sport the question is simple. DO YOU WANT THIS EVENT TO TAKE PLACE?

Email or call me and let me know if you plan to attend and request a registration form for the WORLD'S RICHEST QUAD RACE! Do it today, time is running out!!!

writeforus 07-20-2008 01:47 PM

Umm, no information here for riders TO sign up.... ?

When is the race? Where?

quadstar 07-20-2008 03:33 PM

go to, this is the website with all the information.

the race is september 12th-14th, 2008 at route 66 raceway in joliet, IL

if you like I can email you a registration form.



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