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Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

I'm having a hard time on deciding on which quad to get either the 400ex,banshee,raptor,ds650,or scrambler 400/500 2X4.I'm 5'9" 227Lbs.I have about a year of riding experience and I would be riding in dunes and trails.I have some questions about them such as:

1.Which one is the most reliable?

2.Which one will be better suited for the places i ride in and my riding experience?

3.Which one is easiest to turn?

4.Which one over heats the fastest?

5.For the owners of each machine what mods gave the best bang for your buck.

6.Which one powerslides the best?

7.Which one is the most stable?

8.Which one has the lest maintenance?

9.Which one is the fastest?

10.For owners of each machine what are the things u don't like the least and what mods did u do to fix it if u can?


Sorry for the questions but I really need to know.

2001 yellow sportax 400ex all stock accept 6-ply razrs!!!!
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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

first things first here. parts and upgrades are readily available for the banshee, 400ex, and soon for the raptor. polaris parts are harder to be found(aftermarket) but can be found, and dealer parts are fairly cheap. the ds650 doenst have that big of an aftermarket source, and dealer parts are EXPENSIVE!
good luck.

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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

ok here is my 2 cents worth, this is how i narrowed it down for what i bought. if you want low maintenance, forget about anything 2-stroke (banshee, although it is a very good bike and probably the best 2-stroke). the scrambler is more of a recreational/ sport utility than a sport bike. i know i bought a 500 for my wife. dont even consider it in the dunes and it is kinda boreing on the trails. the DS650 is a monster in the dunes and drags but way to wide for the trails (at least where im from)and very expensive mods or when it breaks. on the other hand the 400EX is excelent on a track or in the trails and rather cheap but a bit underpowered and physically to small for me (6' 195lbs). Thus leaving in my opinion the best all-around sport bike ever made THE RAPTOR. now before to many people complain and they will about any choice you may make, the raptor isnt perfect but there are easy fixes for shortcommings. the most expensive of which is it is said to be to narrow. i have had little problem with the width but that is just me. hope this helps. feel free to e-mail (add. in my profile) me with anymore questions about the raptor


85' CJ-7
01' Raptor
96' Grand Cherokee
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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

if you want reliablity forget two-strokes but me personally i love working on my bike but if i had to chose a quad out of the ones you asked about i would take a 400ex i have riden all the bikes you listed and the 400ex is the most fun i think there is tons of aftermarket parts it works well in any riding condition and turns very well never seen one over heat power slides good and stable and low maintance

but the raptor is the fastest

as for a mod on the 400ex high compression dont stroke it if you want it to rev high but for low end stroke it and always go with a bigger carb the edelbrock carb is sweet my cousin has it self adjusts for elavtion and gave alot more power and reliablity to the bike

may my zilla live forever

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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

Tons 'o questions! I had a 400ex, excellent overall bike, but underpowered in the dunes even with jetting, header,silencer, air filter. I now have a Raptor and love it. Dont buy a Polaris if you want to have any fun, period. Way too heavy,slow, and did I mention heavy? My riding buddy has a Banshee, but it's not the ticket for trail riding. I'm 5'10", 190lbs, and fit the Raptor perfect. My only complaint so far is the gap between first and second when climbing hills in the dunes, if you dont have a run at the hill, you have to clutch it quite a bit, but its easy and cheap to fix. The 400ex powerslides awesome, change the rear tires to razors or holeshots and the Raptor will also.Pipe the raptor and the gearing gap is gone. I ride trails more than dunes and have no problems with tippiness or the bike being tall, matter of fact the narrowness is an asset on trails. I played all day at the dunes on Saturday and never even thought of overheating, even going flat out playing roost-tag with the Banshees. Buy a Raptor. My Banshee buddy and I raced a couple of DS650's, and stock for stock, the Raptor and Banshee will beat 'em.

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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4


If you've got the money I'd look at the Candondale FX400. They are the lightest sport ATV out right now, and have had a lot of positive feedback. They look to be a great quad. With mods on this, it could easily out run any of the above ATV's.

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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

Ok, here is the Polaris deal. They seem to get a bad rap around here. I have a '00 Scrambler 400 2x4. I love it. My bud has a '01 Banshee and I can hang with him. He will smoke me going up a dune, but aside from that I can ruun with him all day. The Banshee is stock. Now modified, I would not stand a chance.
Mine is stock now except for K/N. Piped and clutched will bring this thing to life. Go beyond that with porting/polishing, reeds, piston, carb, and it will be in the 60-65 hp range. No bull, these things can really haul.
Yes they are extremely heavy. But get rims and other light weight components, and it will run with other quad out there. If this quad weighed in at the 350lb range it would wip other 2 stroke quads, rather than just hang with them.
On the trail is where this quad really shines. The power is very smooth. Its not 4 stroke smooth, it still has a powerband. With traction it will come up on you. And that is bone stock, so just lightening it up will really bring it to life. I have never ridden the 4 stroke version, but Im not a fan of them, they do not have the punch a 2 stroke has. Unless they are very modified.
Dont be scared to buy a Polaris, you will like it.

One Tuff Six!
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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

the cannondale might be alittle on the expensive side and

besides with all the computer [censored] are you going to able to fix your bike out on a dune or on the trail? that is the only thing i have against the cannondale

but if i was going to buy a new bike it would be a banshee i ride a lt500r suzuki quadzilla i like two strokes personally but if i had to chose a four stroke i like the 400ex even though it is under powered it excels in every other area

may my zilla live forever

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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

I see that you have gotten some good my turn...I am the one that everyone fears MUHAHAHA!!!

The DS650--throw it out

The Polaris- More utility then sport ( would like to watch a 4x2 400 stick with a stock shee)

The Cannondale--It is too new to form a full opinion, other then its WAYYYY expensive...and it is also strange the way the morons put the battery in the front of the motor...

The 400EX--It is a nice bike, looks nice, but I think it is a bit on the cheesey side for the price...

The Banshee--What can I say? It is a 2-stroke...and prolly one of the best

The Warrior--Nice choice for the smaller rides but with mods it is very competitive and stable...

The Raptor--This machine so far has had little complaints other then it being too narrow...that is about the only real negative thing I have heard...

As far as answering all those questions...most of them are rider experience dependant...I can answer, but they would be different on different terrain and different days....
No matter what you decide to go with the end decision is yours. The best deal I believe is the Raptor, it is a 4 stroke machine and very fast and seems to be a great machine from what I have seen, experienced, and heard...

Good Luck to you on your decision...

The good Lord giveth and the Eco-Nazi's Taketh away!
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Re: Banshee,raptor,400ex,ds650,or scrambler400/500 2X4

I'm going to ride with Airborn on this one, the Canondale is computerized (not good in sand), Polairis, fun for the beginner(thats all)did I mention HEAVY? DS650, very powerful , in my opinion to heavy for the sand to wide for the trails Banshee, the ultimate for the sand I have one that has some mods and I havent run into anything YET that will beat it (in the sand box)needs to be geared lower for the trails 400EX with the right mods this can be one of the fastest rides out there, has top of the line suspention, electric start, and is 4 stroke (low maintainance) Raptor, the largest engine available in a quad in the world, has electric start, top of the line suspention is a 4 stroke (low maintainance) and has REVERSE, it is alittle tippie due to the narrowness, I put a RPM Dominator in mine now even with the stock tires, I can power slide with confidence, its NOT a 2 stroke so in the sand the Banshee will beat it , but it is stronger and funner to ride , easier to jump lands better (better suspention)and LOOKS AWSOM

Ride hard, Lifes short
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