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**DONOTDELETE** 01-17-2000 12:58 PM

I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Hi guys! It's good to be back on the forum. I've been out of circulation for a few months and haven't had the time to keep up. Not to mention that I also keep forgetting that doggone PW and can't get logged in at home when I want to. Things have changed drastically. The King Quad is still in the family but no longer under the good Doc's care. I am still consulted from time to time but no longer have the responsibility of upkeep for it. Not that it needs much upkeep. I have since acquired a new patient with an attitude. MY OHHHH MY, what an attitude. On Jan. 4th, my Bday, I turned 39 again and the wife saw the mid-life crisis I was having. "WELL NOW, let me guess. You want a red convertible!" she said. Boy oh boy did I fool her. Yes it was a convertible but it was GREEN! A 2000 Grizzly has now become part of the family. I was a little apprehensive at first with the auto because I was born and bred on the shifter but after about 4.2 seconds I got over that. So far I am pleased with my purchase and as always I am here to give you all my objective opinion over the only comparison I have. The KQ. The Grizzly power and torque is a no brainer over the KQ. The turning radius goes to the Grizzly hands down. The KQ has better and bigger racks. The KQ is more sure footed on turns. The Griz seems top heavy and squirrely cornering. I've had a front wheel off the ground a couple times while cornering. The KQ wins hands down for passenger comfort and a place for their feet but you never heard me say that because you should NEVER ride with a passenger. RIGHT? The Griz seems to rev higher than I like at slow speeds and I wish it had a tach. I don't know what Yamaha was thinking but they have to get rid of the Allen bolts on at least the undercarriage and replace them with hex heads. The 99s even had an Allen head oil drain plug but mine is a hex head. They must have learned early on that one. The storage box winner is the KQ with it being under the seat. The rear storage box on the Griz with those cheezy rubber straps is gonna have me back trackin' on the trail picking up my stuff when they pop off the lid. The Griz gets the nod with the full floorboards. I wished the KQ had the floorboards a long time ago. ALL in all, both bikes have good and not so good attributes but even with the drawbacks of the Griz I am still happy with it. Especially the gas and go go go feature. No more gear hunting. No more running short on the power band hill climbing. No more trying to wedge a big ol' huntin' boot under the shifter. Now I get to do what us ol' farts love to do. Enjoy the scenery! Keep Rippin', Doc.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-17-2000 04:07 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Good to hear you're back. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot left of the old board. MacDizzy, High Output, Trax, don't hear from them anymore. I keep in contact with H.O. and occasionally MacDizzy. Glad to hear you're liking your new purchase. Ride hard and ride often.


Addendum to original post!!!!

I have rec'vd word from a reliable source(me)that non-other than Trax310 has found the a t v i n g . c o m BBS!!!!! Now if we could just get MacDizzy pointed that way!!!

**DONOTDELETE** 01-18-2000 05:49 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Wow!!! a veteran, one of the original cast. On another board... not so far away.... Pause "Tumble weed rolls through scene... and a dust devil along with it" Say pilgrim I've read your writin somewhare bafore!! Why.. Why it's Doc! from way out Pennsylvania way!!! Howdy doc!! This board is pretty much a grave yard when compared to the old board. But anyway good to hear you expanded the fleet!!! I also have been wheeli-N-Dealin to upgrade the family fleet. I've weeded out the remaining ATC's and now everybody on ATV's. Good ta hear from you, hope the Griz takes care of ya!!

Rude Dog


**DONOTDELETE** 01-19-2000 01:24 AM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Yeah, its sort of a bummer that this forum has gone downhill. I used to be in here alot too. It was a good source of info. I too am in atv connection.

Boomer 99 Wolverine

**DONOTDELETE** 01-19-2000 12:12 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Hey Doc it's great to see your back. Is this just a visit or are you back for good? It has been very quite in here. I still look in here at least once a day. I find nothing that catches my eye to talk about. So, give us some dirty stories-- ummm, atv related. Not sure who might be under age in here. Good to here that the KQ is still going strong!! Sounds like you are very satisfied with your Grizzly Convertible...:) How was Deer hunting for you this year? I'm going to be heading down to camp this weekend to work on collecting firewood. I can't let the Foreman sit this long. We haven't had enough snow around here to keep me busy plowing. Well it was good to see your wisdom once again.


**DONOTDELETE** 01-21-2000 08:35 AM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Thanx for the warm welcome back guys. I'll try to keep in touch and let you know how the Griz is treating me. Lately things have been pretty hectic in the office with deadlines and meeting schedule demands. Nevertheless, it's good to be back in the saddle again. Best Regards and as always, Keep Rippin', Doc.

**DONOTDELETE** 01-31-2000 11:39 AM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Tis the gentle Doc, returning from daze of yore.

Bought a Grizz 'eh, good choice.

Although it may not have the Traction of "True 4-wheel Drive" if you must
turn while in the mire(anyone who ever ran a Ceder Swamp could testify to
this)that Lim-Slip makes maneuvering much easier, in this 3rd Dimensional
world to improve somthing, somthing else falters(in the Mechanical world anyway).

The great difficulty in playing the unknown heckler, could be a factor as to why several persons have(of course that would not explain all M.I.A.'s)
not returned to this site.

In referance to that other ATV site, the Polaris and
Honda fans run that, check some of their post's the ATVBBS should
have acted, but as long as their not a Yamaha, Kawaski or MAX6X6 fan, Freedom of
Speech is theirs, after all that site is asscoiated with two of our
Grand, Well Written, Unbiased and Very Respected Mag's

Ponder this, Which site called it's users to action and gave us means
to make our voice heard, and to look in on what the Enemy is up to,
If this dose not matter to you, fine stick to ride'n on Mommy and Daddies
back 40, I myself bought an ATV to explore the vast world around me,
And Will FIGHT for the RIGHT to do so.

Enough of the Soapbox!

Welcome Back


**DONOTDELETE** 02-04-2000 04:03 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Good to see you are back, Doc. Got a Grizz? I was wondering, I have heard that the engagement point on the clutch is too high for fine and slow rock crawling. Compared to the KQ, how does it creep over the slow stuff?


**DONOTDELETE** 02-06-2000 09:40 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
Hey YFS200, good to hear from ya! Actually the Grizz is not too bad for my style of riding. It does seem to rev a little higher at slower speeds but as things break in I'll give you an update. It's been pretty cold out and I only have 20 miles on it so fars so the jury is still out on a lot of the likes and dislikes. I do like the auto and just the thought of having that massive power plant under me when I need it gives me a chubby. Sometimes I just have to get up and look in the garage to make sure it's not a dream. ;-) Somebody pinch me! Keep Rippin', Doc.

**DONOTDELETE** 02-08-2000 03:41 PM

Re: I\'m back! With a small change to the inventory.
It has been a while since I've been to this board - actually this is my first post on the new style boards. I so liked the other arrangement better. As usual I favor quicker/faster over more steps/additional procedures...

Because of my web site I receive many requests to build two stroke engines. I used to only build engines for people local to me - now I accept work from all over the country. This allows me to spend a great deal of my free time doing what I like to do most - build high output two stroke engines. Though I do like writing about building them too.

When I have the time I update my web site with information about procedures I haven't covered previously or I provide data for different models. In the near future I have some new pages to put up which include information about a "melted down" LT250R, some TRX250R internal engine discoveries and LT80 modifications for performance gains.

I split my free time between writing about, and working on two stroke engines. Again, because of my web site I am unable to spend much time writing on these boards because I receive a tremendous amount of email I must attend to - about 200 - 300 emails a week. Sometimes I find interesting topics to respond to from the people who post questions on the BBS at The Thread Spread section of my web site is an area that is very popular - I'm constantly encouraged to add new articles there. With something like 1200 threads in my database, it could become overwhelming real fast. I add a new piece there every now and then when the topic seems to match the most requests.

There are few things I enjoy as much as writing about and working on two stroke engines. One of them however, is reading about them. Sometimes I'll devour some S.A.E. tech papers, or immerse myself in some Blair. More often though I visit the popular message boards - it's so refreshing to read "real language" spoken from fresh tongues (keyboards). If you don't see many posts from me on the boards, please know that I'm there, reading them - I just can't respond as often as time permits. My enthusiasm is still very high in regard to two stroke technologies. I welcome personal email from all interested parties and encourage everyone to continue to post new messages on these (or other) boards - they sometimes make great threads.


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