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Re: Same damn fuel problem??

i get a similar problem but only when the temp out side is like 45 or below. Like at night on the way home and it is colder out i will be drivin along just fine and i notice the heater starts blowing cold and the engine temp gauge starts droping slowly till it is like 1/8 up. Then i start loosing power like crazy until it starts sputtering then i have to down shift and eventually i am doin like 30 (if it doesnt stall). Usually i shut the engine of for a couple minutes and start it up and 50% of the time it works fine all the way home. The exhaust also starts to smell funny. It reminds me of when i was a kid and the cars were mostly still carburated and they would smell funny in the winter. Its kinda like it is running rich but it doesnt smell like unburned fuel. I would like to know what that is too.
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