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Re: Same damn fuel problem??

Couple of possibilities, I have had this off and on for a year or more, and I have heard of more than a few
with the same prob. Keeping gas line anti freeze in seems to help quite a bit

You can pump it in when you get gas, even though they are supposed to have floating pickups
to avoid the problem. Or it t can condense when the humidity is bad. Keeping a tank full helps.

Fine grit in the carb:
This might float around and get sucked into the emulsion tubes, pluging the fine holes. It would look
almost like mud. Hard to stop with most filters. I have cleaned my carb of this crud a couple of times.
I'm real suspisions of this one being my prime culpret. my webber on the ranchero does it occasionally too.

Intermitant grounds:
Had the dist to body ground down to its last strand and it ran like $#%& till it was replaced.
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