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Re: SOA handling manners

Uhhh, what springs are you going to use? Your stock YJ's? I think you will find that they will be very soft. That is the benefit of that particular suspension, soft and flexy, enabling you to keep the tires on the ground. Unfortunately, soft and flexy is not a good thing when you're rolling down the highway at 65-70 mph. It's a tradeoff. I started with stock waggy packs and had too much body roll on the street; it was especially bad when cornering. I could outflex TJ's with multi thousand dollar longarm kits though. I now have added two leaves into the rear packs (a main and a third) and one leaf into the front packs (a main) to stiffen it up a little and it is tolerable on the street. Good thing she starts shaking pretty good at 60, though, I don't think that I would want to go much faster with such a soft suspension. Swaybars would help; I don't run one at all so couldn't tell you how much it would help.

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