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Re: Question: Mil Hummer electrical

it depands on how old the equpiment is. also what type of truck it is used for. if it is for use for a hummer. you got to find the proper truck it worked with to make sure. you have all the wires you need. but it could also be a piece of equipment that was ran off a genartor. a nato power cable is basciclly a very large set of jummper cable. with both ends having a single prong in the center surround by a metel circle. its a 24v current. id ont think its fused. but on a base modle hmmve the is one base modle with a lage wire with a circle connetor with five holes the center one is for attaching wht wire. the others i dont know what they do. but it is not a nato power cable the four pin contector. hopes this helps let me know
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