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Re: Fuel Injection fuel line

Sounds like the project is coming along?

Use only Fuel injection hose where hose is needed between the steel lines and the engine (for flex). The fuel injection hose is made for the higher pressures which the system runs at and the higher pressures that could develop if a problem with the pump or regulator occurs. You have to assume the worst case scenario. That pump can deliver a lot of fuel so it is to be regarded with caution.

I'd recommend the highest degree of caution in all lines under pressure with fuel injection. Use 3/8 steel line with flared ends to connect the hose. The stock 1/4 return line should suffice. At the tbi, you can use fuel line repair lines, which are short steel lines having the saginaw o-rings ends that go into the tbi and a flare made to retain a hose on the other end. These are about $8.00 each at the auto parts store.

Special fuel injection line clamps are also available at the parts store. They are not the screw type clamps, as those can cut into the hose. These clamps are made with a smaller range of size of hose they fit, but they apply more even pressure.

You can get fuel filters that are designed for fuel injection and can be placed after the pump. There are chevy truck ones that have 3/8 female flare end fittings. I used a fuel injection filter, but I used one with male fitting and placed it before the pump. I prefer to see less connections under pressure. Also, filtering before the pump might be good for the pump.
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