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Re: Webber install, questions.

Well here's another Texan w/ the identical set-up on my '83. Check your choke plate. There is some adjustment in it. Make sure that it is fully closed when you set it. If I rember correctly, you'll need to losen the screws holding on the choke housing and rotate it make sure its completely closed when its set and then recheck it opens completely when its warmed up. It may take some trial and error. Instead of using the old Carter choke wire, I just ran a wire from my fuse block to a toogle switch on the dash. Its nice to turn off the choke and leave the key switched on to work on run the radio and not have the choke warmed up & opened up completely when its time to restart the engine on cold days. For your vaccum ports, I just have one for the distributor and the bottom manifold port is connected to the brake booster. Also make sure you have a good seal between the adaptor plates. I spent a week trying to find out why mine would start and then die. The plates become loose and caused a really bad leak. If you still can't make it run, contact a British car shop. They'll be a big help in fixing Webers. I used to work for one up in Arlington, used to see alot of Webers there, they'll also stock the rebuild kits if you need one down the road. Hayne's also has a weber manual w/ alot of good info. Better than the stuff that comes w/ the carb when you bought it. Hope this helps.
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