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On Saturday I had to go to Cat and pick up a new clutch for my Zr600 efi, I put the clutch on and it worked flawlessly. I rode it a bit then started to notice that my steering was really loose, I have not ha this problem before so I went back to my shop and opened up the hood. I can turn the handlebars all I want they are lose as hell, but the skiis dont do a thing. The shaft the bars are connected to moves and so does the ball joint attached to that. The spindle that is attached to the two tie rods for the skiis to move almost looks like it broke the weld but there is no weld there to break! Is there a spline inside it or what! I know that the new mountain 900s are welded because my buddie has one and we looked long and hard at that but mine is different. Can I just tack the thing together or should I go and spend some bucks on a whole new spindle? Thanks alot
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