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kx250 idle problem

I have a 1991 kx250 that will just not idle. It has a keihin carb on it. I just bought this bike and it is the first bike I have ever owned. The bike fires up on the second kick and runs throughout the midrange just fine. I am running 40:1 Maxima castor927 oil. The only performance mods I know about are: B [img]images/graemlins/puke.gif[/img]oyesen reeds, fmf gold series pipe, and a turbine core spark arrestor. The bike smokes a lot on fire up and continues to smoke until I run it hard. When I turn the idle stop screw all the way in, the bike will still not idle. I have taken the carb off twice already, cleaned it, blew it out, and set the float level. I think it my be a problem with the pilot jet being to rich? I am not sure, any help or thoughts are appreciated.
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