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Re: Sweet sounds

I don't get it? There are ways of improving performance but what does the way something sound have to do with it? If you improve your airflow you are going to gain power because you are allowing the motor to inhale more air. While this happens of course more gas is required to mix with the air. If you are looking for more rumble then have a glass pack put in. If you want some more airflow out of the deal then research your options. I always liked Thrush's turbo mufler because they are inexpensive and provide a good airflow. There are others out there that are much more costly but with the amount of room you have in a bronco going to a larger pipe sized mufler will probably get you what you need. Alot of mustangs run duel exhaust and to get duels going out both sides you will have more bends then what it's worth. Although some folks still do it. I have considered running duels out the passenger side by stacking the two pipes on top of the other and having them follow the same path out the back. This would probably work well with the Body Lift I plan on doing in the future. If you are into driving fast it may be good to let you know that our Broncos are the equivelant of driving a brick, meaning they are not verry good dragsters. If you really want a cool sound then drop a 460 under the hood and you will be making the mustangs wish they could sound like you. [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] NORM
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