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Re: dedicated trail rig

Zuks rule! my zuk will go anywhere my bronco will go and more.
the poplular model seems to be the 87-to end production samari. in 90 or so they got FI which added a little power. The carbed ones though dont die out like a carbed bronco will, they will run at any agle you put them on, hell mine ran upside down and on its side before i had a chance to kill the thing in the few rolls its been in.
Mines not pretty, but with scout 44's, dual lockers, dual T cases, Hydro steer, YJ spring over conversion, extended wheel base and full cage it will go almost anywhere in the rocks i point it. you can find beat up ones now for under $500, or get yourself a fairly decent one for $1500 around here.
Mine has less than 1200 invested in mine, which i think is great for all the mods i have done to it!
The weak parts for wheelign with them is lack of power and weak axles. alot of guys use aftermarket parts in the stock axles to make them beeifer, guys make hybrid axles using sidekick parts, Toyota axle swaps are poplualr, then you can go D44's from a waggy or scout, but both require lots of fab work.
YJ jeep springs sprung over the axle make about 8 inches of lift and room to clear 32's and 33's without hacking the fenders. Mine will fit 36' with that setup. I feel that that is already high enough for a zuk.
power is also lacking, but guys overcome this by adding low gears to the axles, dual T cases, or regearing the T cases for a lower low range.
A few pics of my setup.

and for all you guys who didnt know, im a closet Zuk Lover, I own 1, and my dad 2.
Ill add some more to this tonight, i got to get going right now though.
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