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Re: dedicated trail rig

Well when it comes to a serious 4x4, you basically got two options. A small, light rig or a large, high horsepower rig. Both have pros and cons. The light rigs are great climbers because of their weight and don't need a whole lot of horsepower. I know guys who keep their engine stock and do great. The cons are they tend to get tipsy when lifted and can easily get pressed in bad areas because of their small size. Now onto fullsize rigs. Fullsize rigs usually have a lot of muscle and have plenty of room for real beefy mods. Because of their width, for what was a big obstical to a small rig, wouldn't be nearly as bad for the fullsize rig. Now the cons. Because of their size though, they can be sometimes limited to some trails simply because they can't fit. Also their weight can be a problem when it comes to fixing a problem, such as a roll over or just getting stuck in something. I hope this helps you out a little bit.
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