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Re: Making a hydraulic Winch?

Gosh, I wish you guys hadn't brought this up again. In past posts, I was real focused on the MM 10500, but in some recent discussions I have had, I am now wavering again, before forking out the hard earned $$.

Mainly, the concern is speed. In your case burned, the Zuk sounds like will be equiped with a pump that does not serve for power steering, so that is good. A designated Sag should work well for you.

back to the speed issue, we started discussing a couple things. first was how much pull the winch would typically see in our usual stucks. well, these are not 30 degree incline, 5 people and a ton of gear, and a foot of mud type stucks that I would see. It is more typically helping another just pull free or myself. often this equates to probably pulls in the 4k to 6k range when you think about it. Speed wise the advantage is with Warn, though probably not by much. The other thing that got me thinking of usage was a story told to me about while someone was winching, the truck began to teeter at a spot where line slack had occured. due to the situation on the hill, had the winch not began to pull faster due to the lessened weight, and the line speed of the high speed series warn winches in general, the MM in this case would have been to slow in the pickup and would have allowed this Bronco to start falling backward off the hill. by the time the winch cable hit "taught" it may or may not have been able to stop the momentum backward.

Now, to turn back to "typical" pulls seen, the weight I referenced above also means that the amp draw is often less than people talk about when citing negatives of electric winches. Don't get me wrong, we are still talking about 225-310 amps typically, but a good alternator upgrade and a good battery can handle this as long as the engine remains running. electics don't do long pulls, you have to rest them, and as they rest and cool, a performance alternator can be doing it's job.

The whole electric vs. hydraulic continues to rage with me. [img]images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]
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