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Brent, depends on which way you want to go. The line between off-road and road has been widened quite a bit in the last few years. The tendancy is to make them more torwards one or the other. In the $$ range your looking at it may be quite a few years old though.if you are going to do any susstained highway speeds i'd look at least a 350cc or bigger more like a 500-650. Forget about the bmw's there way to expensive and if you found one in that range it's probly totaled. The kawasaki's tend to be hard starting in the 4-stroke versions and heavy -not that that is bad for the road and honda dr&xl tend to be a little more for off-road so if your not doing more road than dirt I would look that way. Yamaha depends on the year as to which way it leans, but have always had good luck as mfar as dependability with them. sorry to go on and on but have been there and done that, so from experience take a long look at the the type of riding you will do more of because it will tend to be brutal in one type or the other . Good luck!! Gary
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