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OT/ Dual Purpose Motorcylces

Been Considering a Dual Purpose motorcycle for a back up vehicle and Toy. I don't want any crotch rockets of cruisers, I like the Dirt bike style motorcycles, but want it also carry me 4 miles to work. Only want to drop about $600-$800 on it. Primamry use of going to work and saving my CJ from Daily driving of just a few miles at a time. Also I won't feel the need to hurry up and finish what I'm doing on the CJ just so I can have it to go to work the following day. And Lastly why not make it a toy that I can go have fun with too.

So does anyone have any suggestions on a good USED model to look for? And if anyone is looking to sell one, I'm in NC, so if you're local, maybe I can help you out. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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