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Re: What kind of Cherokee?

1978 - you have a fullsize body on frame Jeep known as SJ.
base engine was AMC 258ci I6 - optional were 360ci V8 or 401ci V8
T15 3spd was standard transmission - optional was the T18 4spd w/compound low (granny gear). Both were used with Dana20 transfer case
only auto transmission was GM TH400 with the Quadra Trac fulltime transfer case

Cherokee started in 1974 as a 2 door less luxury Jeep based on Wagoneer. four door Cherokee was added later.
In 1976 model year (late 1975) the Chief model was added. Included with the Chief package were axles from the J series trucks. These axles were about 5" wider than standard Cherokee (and Wagoneer) axles. So called Wide Track (WT). Standard width - so called Narrow Track (NT).
I don't know about the "S". Probably a base model... the people at ifsja will know.
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