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Re: timing on an L-134

1. Pull the Cylinder #1spark plug.
2. Put you finger in Cylinder # 1 spark plug hole.
3. Manually rotate the engine until you feel compression building up.
4. Look at the timing marks and put the marks at about 6 to 8 degrees BDTC.
a. AT THIS POINT you'll soon know if those marks are timing marks.
b. They'll start to line up as you approach TDC.
5. Unlock the distributor hold down clamp.
6. Lightly lock down the distributor so it can be rotated by hand.
7. Install the spark plug to #1 spark plug wire.
8. Ground the plug so you can see the electrode.
9. Turn the ignition to Run.
10. Quickly rotate the distributor and to obtain a spark when the rotor sees plug #1.
11. Narrow down the rotation as much as possible.
12. When as narrow as possible, lock down the distributor.
13. The engine's now timed.
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