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Insurance for Off-Road vehicles

I recently read the two articles on this website which mention that the BLM is now starting to cite people for not having "Proof Of Insurance" for their off-road vehicles. The article mentions an staffer who received such a citation.
I am trying to clear thing up on this subject so I did some research and found on the BLM website this quote...
</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
Is insurance required on off road vehicles? Rumor has it that my vehicle can be confiscated if I am pulled over and don't have it covered.

Currently OHV's have no insurance requirements, however for obvious reason it is a good idea. You are still liable for injury, damages, or death if it was determined to be your fault. More and more attorney's and other insurance companies are investigating incidents in the dunes; especially with the cost of vehicle replacements being what they are.

Street legal vehicles are different. They are required to have insurance on or off road

[/ QUOTE ]

It appears that the BLM feels that it is NOT required to have insurance on off-road vehicles.

So, I am hoping that anyone who may have received a citation for not having insurance on their off-road vehicle could respond to this post so that I can point out, to the BLM, that there is a bit of a problem.

Or, is it possible that is responding to a simple rumor, that may not be true, in order to sell some off-road insurance?


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