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Shop Says E-brake Will Lockup If Pressed?????

After getting my 3 inch body lift professionally installed (too much rust and fab'ing required for me to do) the shop told me not to use the emergency brake because it will not return to normal position once its pressed down. I was told that this failure would occur due to significant rust. I have read somewhere that it is important to not over adjust the e-brake as this will cause probs that cannot be undone w/out replacing the e-brake cables housing etc. There doesnt appear to be much rust at all from what I can see. From this, can anyone possibly see why I was told not to use the e-brake, and do you think they over adjusted it while they did the 3 inch B/L? I was dealing with it for the past few months, but now gotta fix it before I go to inspection. Thanks in advance.
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