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Re: Shop Compressor? Any thoughts?

I think it ts to small to do much with.

An Example:

2 years ago my wife bought me a 30 gal 5hp direct drive compressor. I was thrilled to get it, but very quickly got tired of hearing the very loud direct drive compressor run all the time, and fail to deliver enough air to run a half Inch inpact wrench long enough to take off 4 tires without stopping.

6 months later I pulled a 60 gallon tank with a westinghouse compressor on it out of the junk yard after adapting a 5 hp motor to it I am now happier than with the brand new 30 gal that sits in the corner and has not run in a year.

The direct drives are un godly noisy, and I am not real fond of the pump. If I had it to do over again I would save the dough I blew on both of them bought a 9.5 cfm model and been happy from the get go Just my .02
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