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Re: Weber 32/36 DGAV

Here are a few more notes on the carb.

The float that comes in the carb is the "off-road" nitrile, plastic carb instead of the brass one.

The fuel inlets and outlets are 1/4" instead of 1/8". This means that you've got to go to the 1/4" fuel line size and clamp the crap out of it at the fuel pump or return line.

The flush studs that mount into adapter to the manifold are 1/2" too long. They bottom out in the manifold. A few minutes with a hacksaw and a file fix the problem but it's not bolt on.

The vaccum plugs that come with the kit are pretty much useless because they are all 1/4". Most of the vaccum points on the intake are 1/8"

Other than that, it runs great. It seems to be jetted right. Anyone make any changes in jetting for the 1600?
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