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Re: crate motors -who\'s gone that route? i have to..

That's a real bummer! Three years ago, I took the 360 AMC out of my GW. I took the long block to a local machine shop for a complete overhaul, including new cam and new valve springs. I figured that a local pro would do a good job with my original engine and parts. Then it turned out that I had a cracked head and had to pay extra for two used heads which had different casting numbers than my old heads but appeated identical in all other respects. It turned out to be a nightmare! After I got the "new" engine running, it was leaking coolant from the head gasket. The guy who rebuilt it put the original good head on and found another used head with identical casting numbers. After the engine was back together again, it delevloped piston slap on the #1 and #2 cylinders within the first 60 miles, my guess was due to a clogged oil passage. Out came the engine again... The rebuilder and I ended up splitting the second rebuild because we couldn't agree on the cause. It finally runs well now but what a PITA. When it was all said and done, I had spent alsmost the same money as a new crate motor would have cost me. I swore that my next engine would a brand new crate engine with a generous warranty. I would personally stay away from mass-rebuilt engines as they reuse all old parts except for bearings and quality control may be less than good. What good is a 12/12,000 warranty if you have to take the engine out several times to exchange it.
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