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Re: 2002 TJ \"swishing\" noise from 4.0

Well, I can tune it after all, only make it louder by "lugging" the engine, making the rpms drop. It has a very metallic sound to it.

After I got home, I let it cool and then let it idle. The sound starts out quiet, then grows to become a high pitched scrapeing metallic sound, kinda like if you held a scredriver to a spinning flywheel. Once it reaches the point where I was backing away for fear something was about to come out of the engine, it stopped. It was quiet for a while, then it came back only remained subdued at which point I shut it down.

I called the dealer and they can't see me until Thursday, so leaving for the in-laws in WV is out. It hurts to be the only member of the family with a new car and can't visit because it failed. At least it should be warrantied.

Any other ideas? It is deffinately not a vacuumm or intake noise. It has a very metallic rotational sound that changes with rpms.

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