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Will \'02 TJ wheels fit \'03 Liberty??

I own a 02 TJ Sport with the factory Eco "5 Spoke" style wheels. I will soon be upgrading to bigger tires, wheels...etc. Does anyone know if my wheels will fit on my woman's 03 Liberty Sport??

I e-mailed JEEP and they responded by saying they don't recommend altering anything from the factory specs...and the wheels will not fit.

Is this true?? Or are they speaking just as some specs do in regards to certain width tires won't fit on certain wheels, when they actually do fit.

Looks to be the same bolt pattern, but I don't want to find out the hard way with the wheels falling off while on the highway and my woman setting next to me saying "I told you #%$&#$*!!!" Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!!
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