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Re: YJ - MC2100 Questions.

Ferrite Rodent,

Id buy a used one and rebuild it, and buy the adpter!

they are dirt common and cheap in junkyards, on ebay, ask on here ( I sodl mine about 2 weeks ago on here)

a good kit is about $25, takes a couple of hours at most, and youll learn something that you might need again!

the only problem iv seen on them is that sometimes the bore thru the case where the throttle shaft goes thru will wear, and seep a little fuel out the sides of the carb, on the outside of the carb it will be obvious itll be oily looking below that shaft, try to avoid one in that condition.

there are fixes for it, but ive never seen one that didnt run because of that, they just sep gas.

they are the simplest carb automotive carb ive ever messed with.

stock application for a 1.08 venturi size is a late 70s CJ with a AMC 304 if you want to order one, it will run about $200 and buy you some peice of mind and less junkyard searching!

just another opinion!
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