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I'd just like to give a public thanks to all that have helped me get through the last 3 months. Some of you know that in September I was diagnosed with a kidney tumor. I had the first surgery in October after every opotion was used up. 2 weeks ago I had a second surgery to fix what the first surgeon didn't, needless to say he's in deep doodoo for damned near causing me to lose my kidney. Anyhoo I'm well on the road to recovery now. I'd especially like to thank Sarge,Pauly,Tim,Brent,Wayne,DannyL,Jason,Tom,Grant and Melissa,but mostly Chewman for waking me up and saving my life. After the first surgery I started to bleed internally and it started to leak through the incision.I bled through the mattress, box springs and it went through to the basement floor. I lost over 1,000 cc's of blood when he pawed at me and woke me up. Crow I think you're right about him he really is gifted.
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