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Re: Installed adjustable prop. valve....same thing

I am thinking about trying a MC from a 78 waggie with manual brakes. This unit is used on several J series and full size cherokees in the 70's. This unit had dual bowls but they are the same size instead of the front being larger than the rear. Do you think this would help?

Also...let me state a few observations...when I bleed the front lines I don't get the usual high pressure stream of fluid. I only get a small trickle. The rear line however gets a really high pressure squirt! If that makes sense.

Could something be stuck in the stock proportioning valve? Like a plunger or piston or whatever floats around in there.

Now here's another thougth....the MC I currently have mounted is one from a 78 CJ with manual brakes with the 11 in rear brakes. Would anything change if I switched to one for use with 10 in rear brakes. Also, if I change to a MC that is used with power brakes the resovoirs are swapped around. Meaning the one I have has the rear brake line connected on the front (small) part of the MC and the front line is connected to the rear (large) part of the MC. A power brake MC has these switched.

I have checked the adjustments on everything and it is all correctly adjusted.

The obvious problem here is that I need to have more fluid moved to the front wheels.

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