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Re: Follow up on AGR PS trouble.

I have talked to AGR a couple times for this problem and they were helpful each time. I just called them again to see if there was a difference in the CJ and wagoneer pumps and they are identical as far as they know.

I really hope a new pump works, but I don't have much faith. Everything worked fine in stock form. Then I put the V8 in, and changed to a used AGR box with stock pump. I also changed the lines. I had very little power assist so I switched to the AGR pump with no improvement. Then I switched the box out for a new AGR box. Things improved, but still no power assist at idle. Maybe a new pump is all I need, but my old pump worked fine until I hooked it up to the AGR box with the new lines. Although I did have to change the fittings in the back since it was for an "o" ring hose, and wouldn't fit with the old style hoses and box I was using. Maybe I messed it up when I put then new fitting on the back.

Who knows...


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