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Do we need a snow dance?

Man!.....I got that itch. You know that one that starts in your throttle thumb that works it's way all the way up 'till you're making snowmobile noises with your mouth. That's when you know it's way too late to not have enough snow to get out and thrash on the snowmobile a bit. snow to speak of yet here in Montana. Lookin' for some people to take part in a little collective thinking experiment. Heh....what can it hurt. We all just need to think "Snow" at the same time, and theoretically, it should start snowing where we want it to. The more people we have, the better chances we have. Like I say.....what do we have to lose. At 8pm Mountain time on 12/15/2002 think "Snow." Please help out a man that's about to lose it!!!!
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