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clearance on conversion ?\'s and extra parts

i've been trying to put my 383 into my jeep for bout a week now and keep having problems with a couple things. i need some info bout how far up to tilt the engine and how much clearance i will have against the firewall. i have an hei and i'm worried about this hitting the firewall. i cant place my old tub back on because it literally fell apart when we took it off ( broke inhalf). i'm mounting my t176 tranny mount through the second hole in the skid plate. should i move it up to the first set of holes? i would need a new rear driveshaft if i do. do i want to have any angle on the carb. mounting plate or do i want the engine to sit level according to that? i know this is alot of questions but i dont want to have to mess with this later. thanks for any help. i also went through my extra parts i'm not gonna be using. make an offer, i just need to get rid of alot of this stuff. 2 fenders (okay, a little rust, but no holes), hood (good shape) flywheel for 350 (its been machined, very heavy though 35 pounds), 258 engine and parts.
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