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2wd pickemup with crawling gears?


I'd like some help with availabiliy in older F-series trucks. I've noticed that on the trails I camp on, I drive with the front hubs unlocked, just using the low-range gears and the rear locker. I've been contemplating a tow rig someday to set a lightweight camper in and hitch the trail rig to.

I was wondering if you could ever get a 2wd F-series with a granny first gear or the ability to add a crawler box. I'd prefer a inline 6 I'm planning on keeping the weight way down, and I don't care about power--just need enough to get the load rolling. I'd prefer the 235/85R16 taller tires like the 3/4 tons. Are they available with the I-6 in a 2wd?

In other words, did Ford sell a 2wd fullsize (I prefer standard cab, longbed) with decent ground clearance (like a 3/4 ton) , the I-6 or small V-8 (Gas milage = top priority) and manual everything with a decent crawling ability?


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