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Re: \"??Tranny Grinding Only in 4WD??\"

Well, from personal experience, when mine went bad, they made a grinding noise on occasion, but just once or twice.
After that it was all the time....which wasn't much.
Like you, I just didn't use the 4wd till I fixed it.
Thought it was hubs, but those were OK on disassembly.
You guessed it.
I had to pull everything apart till I found the suspect needle bearings.

1) remove caliper
2) remove hubs
3) remove outer bearings
4) remove rotor
5) remove spindle

You'll see the needle bearings at the inboard/internal side or the spindle.

Hope ya find out what's going on.
Spindle bearing kits are certainly cheaper than a tranny of t-case fix.

If it were me, I'd put all 4 corners up on jackstands first.
Fire it up, engage 4wd, and track down the exact location of the noise.
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