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Re: vermont tire beyond fender question

Dave, Where in VT are you going to be living? It is a beautiful place, I love a lot. We are right in the middle of a serious early winter cold snap. Last night was 5 deg! and there is lots of snow too.
It is true that you can not have tires that stick out past the fenders. However, I wouldn't go and do something like getting fenders for $300. I have had my tires sticking out for 3 years, and haven't really had a problem. A lot of truck guys will throw on a pair of skinny tires when they go for insp. Then just put their larger ones back on when they are done. There are ways to get around it. You see a lot of trucks and Jeeps around that have tires sticking out. It is just a matter of finding the right place to go to get inspected.
25 acers is a pretty nice plot, were you going to be at? The local club up here can be seen at there are a lot of good people in that club.
Happy moving!
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