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Is my 258 knock-knock-knockin on heavens door?

My 84 CJ7's 258 recently started a knocking sound that appears to be coming from under the valve cover or that vicinity. The engine has 89K on a rebuild and is performing seemingly well. No major leaks, compression is on the lower end of acceptable and it runs well on the highway. This is my daily driver. However, in the last two weeks a noticable knock has developed. It does it whether in gear or standing still. The knock imcreases as the rpms do so I assume it is not drivetrain related.

I keep the maintenance on this jeep up pretty well and it is always full of oil.

I am not in a position to swap or rebuild unless this thing dies. Can anyone tell me what is the likely culprit. Is there anything I can do short of a rebuild. Any comments greatly appreciated.

Hope this is not a stupid question.
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