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Re: Onboard air

A few problems
a Do you have A/C? Does it work?
b Stock compressors have to have an oil return or the compressor will sieze.

Get a york compressor. Cheap easy and they move a LOT of air. I'm in the procces of putting one in my truck. The compressor was $25 w/ a clutch. I'm making the brackets myself out of angle iron and using the stock serpentine belt. I had to get a new clutch to make it work. I'm putting it in the place of the compressor because i cut the a/c out and threw an idler pulley in there. The york will act as a idler pulley now. It can't be that bad to fab a set of brackets for your truck. A few places sell kit but i've never seen one for a 460. I have no idea how your pulleys are set up. The whole system cost about $150 due the the fact that the new clutch alone cost $90. I have a 5 gallon tank in the bed. If you want some pics or more detail just PM me and i'll tell you whatever you need to know. Good luck.
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