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Re: 84 wagooneer

Hmmm Heater not working... That seems to be a pretty standard. My heater causes me more headaces than I care to admit. If you are getting air coming out of your ducts that is a good thing. That means that your blower is ok, and the blower is the piece that you don't want to replace.
Does your engine warm up the way it is suposed to... Does the temp gauage read about 180-195. If it doesn't then replace your T-stat, They only cost $6 that may help. If your T-stat is Ok and your engine runs at the correct temp, then your heating coil is probably gunked up. The Heat exchanger is probably pluged, not letting the warm coolent get in the air flow. Take off the two coolent hoses that go too and from the heater coil and clean them out. Stick a hose in there and flush them out. I bet you will get about 20 years of gunk that comes out. Also check your the two hoses for clogs.
Good luck... Keep us posted as to how it goes.
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