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Re: Significance of Eddie Bauer

The motor is bad ass. I really haven't got on it yet until today. Definetly picked up some Gs. I'm afraid my swamper aren't going to last much longer.

I'm still having idle problems when the engine is cold though. Not a major problem, just rev it for a while and its fine. Maybe it just wants to be carb'd. I don't have any tools here at school and I don't drive it too often, but I hope to fix it when I go home for Christmas vacation.

My know-it-all friend told me XLT stood for Xtra Light Truck. I'm just like oooooooookay, 6000lbs don't seem too light for 104" wheelbase. I prefer your definetion of XLT over anything though. I lost my Custom emblems on some trees, I guess its time for a custom Xtremely Large Titties emblem. [img]images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]
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