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Your pipe idea for a swivel sounds alot cheaper than Rockstompers (especially using two!). Is that 2" solid you plan to use for the inside and what sort of wall thickness are you considering for the outer piece? As odd as it might sound, I've been looking at Hammer Strength machines at the gym for inspiration lately for support angles, spindle welds, and pivots and have to admit given all the weight these things hold, there are good concepts there for a swing-away! [img]images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Assuming you would use a torch to cut the install hole for the 2" OD piece into the bumper? I'm wondering about that part now as even 1.25/1.5 inch axle stubs from an old trailer I have considered salvaging might present a can you make a pretty hole this big without risking integrity - knowing I dont have the drilling hardward to handle that size?

Thanks for letting me bounce these questions on got me thinking cheap alternatives for the swivel hinge...any pics of what you have in mind?

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